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EDI for Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distributors

Since the widespread adoption of the Healthcare Distribution Management Assoc (HDMA) recommended protocols, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) has been transforming pharmaceutical distribution.

FDA Begins Enforcement of Wholesale Distributor Verification Requirements

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) was adopted by Congress in 2013 to identify and trace certain prescription drugs as they are distributed in the United States. The intention is to protect consumers from exposure to drugs that may be counterfeit, stolen, contaminated, or otherwise harmful.

EDI Comes to QWIKPoint

EDI 1 COMES TO QWIKPOINT™ AND ALLOWS SMALLER BUSINESSES TO COMPETE WITH THE “BIG BOYS” The larger trading partners are requiring distributors to adopt EDI. Luckily it is now affordable. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) has been in use since the 1960’s....

In Development: A Delivery Verification and Route Optimization Module

TurningPoint Systems has developed a driver delivery verification application, which is currently in beta testing. TurningPoint Systems has developed a module for the ProfitPoint™ ERP Suite, which works much like the system you see your UPS delivery driver use...

Review: Customer Support Help Desk at TurningPoint Systems

After two months of operation, the new TPS customer support Help Desk is paying dividends. This past May TurningPoint Systems activated a new customer support Help Desk. This software solution was purchased in January of this year, and between January and March we...

Spotlight Profile: Kerry Rodgers

Kerry Rodgers is the leader of the Software Development and the Customer Support Teams at TurningPoint Systems. Kerry is a technical GURU, team resource manager, great communicator, and more… Being the leader of the development team requires that a person knows the...

EDI for Convenience Store Wholesale Distributors

Download Sales Sheet EDI is coming for Convenience Store Distributors whether we like it or not. We think you’ll love it. The trends in convenience store distribution are similar to all other B2B businesses, EDI is ever more affordable and being demanded by...

Regulatory Changes in Pharmaceutical Distribution

Regulatory Changes for Pharmaceutical Distributors Are Here and More Are Coming Is Your Company Ready? The wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals is exposed to increasing regulations and controls, which can raise costs and lower profits. Competition is fierce. Fill...

News from TurningPoint Systems for Pharmaceutical Distributors

Track and Trace The FDA announced that it did “not intend to take action against wholesale distributors” who do not meet the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Salable Returns Verification Requirement before November 27, 2020. Suspicious Order Monitoring The DEA...

Jim Nagle Joins TurningPoint Systems

Jim Nagle has joined TurningPoint Systems as a Senior Consultant; Jim brings over 25 years of experience in Pharmaceutical Distribution and Manufacturing.

Try The New & Improved TurningPoint Systems Help Desk

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY USED THE HELP DESK AND HAVE A LOGIN/PASSWORD CLICK HERE We’ve updated and enhanced the TurningPoint Systems Help Desk in order to provide you with: Better support Faster issue resolution Easier access to our customer service team A login option to...

COVID-19: TurningPoint Systems is Here to Help

The COVID pandemic will have economic consequences, but they will not be equally distributed. Some sectors will be devastated by the isolating “social distancing” policies and mandates, and others will see increases in activity. TurningPoint Systems is here to help.

Making Moves on Movement

Along with accurate ordering and stocking of the warehouse comes managing the movement within it, as products get shelved, picked, loaded and, sometimes, returned. “The most cost, exposure, and risk are in labor and inventory levels,” said Elery LeBlanc, president, TurningPoint Systems, Gloucester, MA, who added that security of inventory is also a key focus for distributors.

RX Issues: Serialization, Chargebacks, and EDI

Today’s foremost challenge is complying with Title II of the Drug Quality and Security Act – the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). Passed into law on November 27, 2013, the enforcement of the DSCSA will impact our distributor customers this year (a year later...

Join Us at “The Southern” June 12-15

I’m extending a personal invitation to all of our industry friends to stop by and say “Hello” to TurningPoint Systems at The Southern show next week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. TurningPoint Systems offers wholesale distributors ProfitPoint™, a...

TurningPoint Systems at IBM Interconnect

TurningPoint Systems, an IBM Premiere Business Partner, will once again be attending the IBM Interconnect conference in Las Vegas, at the Mandalay Bay, March 19-23. IBM Interconnect is where the foremost technical experts and innovators network with the best minds in the industry.

New Enhancements to ProfitPoint / Rx ERP

TurningPoint Systems announces new enhancements to ProfitPoint/Rx ERP for supporting DSCSA compliance for Pharmaceutical Distribution TurningPoint Systems Inc. (Gloucester, MA.) announces enhanced features for the ProfitPoint/Rx ERP distribution management platform to...

TurningPoint Systems Enhances Implementation and Support Teams

TurningPoint Systems Recruits Don Puryear and Elevates Kerry Rogers to Strengthen Their Solution Implementation and Customer Support Teams Gloucester, MA – October 1, 2016 – TurningPoint Systems, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP)...

Free Informational Webinar

Your IBM i platform is essential to the growth and continuity of your business, and even a short-term hiccup can lead to a long-term business disruption. Will you be ready when disaster strikes?

Developing on IBM i

Developing on IBM i, and what makes IBM i and Power Systems technology different than other platforms. For more information contact Sales at (888) 414-3126 or ONLINE INQUIRIES HERE.