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Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Solutions For IBM System I Environments

TurningPoint Systems offers a customized, complete, best-of-class, turn-key, cloud-based business continuity solution that will meet your Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) – as well as your budget.


How long can your business afford to be without access to its critical business applications and data?

What is “acceptable down-time?”

  • A day?
  • An hour?
  • Maybe only seconds?

Today’s data replication and high-availability disaster recovery solutions cut recovery time from days or even weeks for traditional traditional recovery solutions systems to seconds. Cloud-based data recovery solutions (DRaaS) allow for recovery point performance which drastically reduces the risk of important data loss. And the cost is surprisingly affordable.

One-size does not fit all. Your company may require the highest vendor reliability standards – recovery in minutes or even seconds. Alternatively, you may only need a disaster recovery plan that normalizes everything in a couple of days, as long as there is little or no loss of data and applications.

TurningPoint Systems can design a disaster recovery solution to meet your needs, and your budget.


A best-of-class, cloud-based, business continuity solutions for IBM System I environments.


Disaster Recovery – A custom designed, turn-key disaster recovery and business continuity solution,hosted at a top-tier data center.

Complete Continuing Support Service

  • Daily system monitoring
  • Maintenance and installation of upgrades and patches
  • Staffed help desk and recovery assistance

Principal Benefits

  • Economical, Turn-key IT Recovery Solution – no hardware to buy, no software to install, no new systems to learn. Your staff works on your business’core needs, while our specialized staff assures the continuity of your critical business functions
  • Best of Class – a disaster recovery system is only as good as the weakest element. That is why TurningPoint Systems has partnered with top-tier, secure data centers, best-of-class DR software and IBM’s world-renowned, resilient server hardware
  • Ease of Installation – our complete solution can be installed, configured and begin replication within days, with no business interruption and no drain on your IT staff’s time
  • TPS Experience – TurningPoint Systems is New England’s fastest growing business continuity provider for IBM System I and Power environments. TurningPoint Systems is an IBM Premier Business Partner with 30-years of experience in IT consulting and systems deployment

Custom, Complete Turnkey

What benefits do our business continuity clients report?

  • Slashes failover time compared to traditional, tape-based solutions, providing faster access to critical data
  • After converting from the typical DVI, self-maintained solutions customers are amazed at how much IT staff time they save every day

Why is now the time to consider a cloud-based Disaster Recovery Solution?

  • All the experts agree that managed cloud-based IT recovery solution is the most cost effective and robust option for the recovery of critical business IT systems and data
  • Get assurance that critical business functions can be recovered quickly and completely in the event of an unplanned interruption – inside the building or outside
  • Avoid the increasing cost and time commitment of building and maintaining a traditional recovery solution system in house
  • Meet customer, insurance, and banking requirements for business continuity and disaster recovery

Description of Services

TurningPoint Systems’ DR-Plus Process

A customized complete turn-key disaster recovery turn-key solution that will meet your total IT recovery needs, as well as your budget.

DR-Plus service package includes:

  • Consultation – architecting your RTO and RPO solution
  • Consultation on the options available that meet company objectives for RTO, RPO and price
  • A range of DR-Plus solutions from fully replicated server and high availability (HA) failover recovery with virtually no down time, to off-site tape backup
  • Implementation and hosting in a certified SSAE-16 SOC I and SOC II, Tier 3 data center
  • Establishment of a high-speed connection, able to meet your data turnover needs
  • Installation of security and replication software
  • Complete continuing managed services
  • Continuing monitoring and maintenance of the target hardware system
  • Maintenance and installation of upgrades and patches
  • Staffed help desk and recovery assistance

About TurningPoint Systems

TurningPoint Systems is an information technology firm with a 30-year history. We have two divisions, or service groups: one specializes in IT consulting and IT managed services; and the other specializes in enterprise management software and productivity products that are the standard for their industries.

Our customers are large and mid-sized companies that use information technology to efficiently deliver outstanding customer service while getting maximum operational efficiency.

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