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Regulatory Changes Are Here, and More Are Coming. Are You Ready?

Best of Class Industry Specific ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Distributors
“Better Profitability Through Technology”

The wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals is exposed to increasing regulations and controls, which can raise costs and lower profits. Competition is fierce. Fill orders faster and cut down on needless paperwork to stay competitive with TurningPoint Systems ProfitPoint/Rx ERP.

ProfitPoint/Rx ERP offers Pharmaceutical distributors world-class enterprise resource planning software that will seamlessly manage the flow of ordering, warehousing, inventory, regulatory data, and financial transactions for controlled substances, prescription and over-the-counter products, and more.

Profit Point/Rx provides real time information to track the movement of inventory, order placements, financial transactions, and product delivery. ProfitPoint/Rx delivers end-to-end technology with track and trace functions and reporting that takes the complexity and expense out of the warehousing for controlled substances and regulated products. Our ERP software is a best-of-class solution that helps you run your company more efficiently and more profitably.

Key Benefits

  • Transaction and Order Automation
  • Increased Order Accuracy
  • Reduce Costs
  • Make Better Purchasing Decisions
  • Unlimited Marketing and Sales Promotions (react to market opportunities with online promotions)
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Meet Regulatory Compliance

Companies can reduce operating costs by more accurately managing inventory levels, automation, optimizing warehouse space, and improving sales force productivity using TurningPoint Systems ProfitPoint/Rx.

Our ERP solution is an affordable and scalable solution for pharmaceutical distributors of any size.

Tell us more about your current challenges and we’ll be glad to share with you why our current customers are so happy with ProfitPoint/RX.

“Like they said, TurningPoint knows PHARMA. As a relatively new player in the pharmaceutical wholesale distribution and federally regulated products we needed something that was scalable as we grow. It’s clear that TPS has the experience we needed. This was a good decision. Thanks to the implementation team – great people!” T.T., Wholesale Pharmaceutical Distribution

Companies can also significantly improve customer service using ProftPoint/Rx which allows for faster and more accurate product delivery and value added services such as price alert labels, retail price stickers and shelf labels.

Based on the scalable and “bullet-proof” IBM iSeries platform, either on-site or remotely managed in the cloud (SAAS), the ProfitPoint/Rx solution extends beyond standard information management systems, offering mobile computing, web portals, sales automation and advanced business analytics for real time date mining, business intelligence, and ad hoc reporting with IBM’s COGNOS Business Intelligence software.

“Implementation of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) continues to transform the pharmaceutical supply chain. Mandatory serialization and traceability technology, as well as FDA compliance with both, is top on the minds of pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmaceutical distributors. Don’t expect extensions for compliance from the FDA. It is not going to happen again.” – Don Puryear, TurningPoint Systems (at the recent annual Healthcare Distribution Alliance event).

Pharmaceutical distributors, manufacturers, and retail chain stores will enjoy ProfitPoint/Rx which is specifically designed with all of the features and functionality that pharmaceutical distributors require, including:

Enterprise Management

  • Lot Tracking (track and trace)
  • Serialization
  • Complete Inventory Management & Control
  • National Drug Codes (NDC#)
  • DEA License Number Tracking
  • Federal Regulatory Compliance
  • State Regulatory Compliance
  • Transaction History
  • Order Entry and Invoicing
  • Contolled Substance Ordering System (CSOS)
  • AR/AP and General Ledger
  • Suspicious Order Monitoring
  • Contracts and Chargeback Data Management
  • HDMA Standard EDI Transactions
  • Salesforce Automation
  • Online Customer Ordering
  • Warehouse RF Management
  • Tax Calculations
  • Sales Commission Tracking

Salesforce Automation

  • Create New Orders
  • Real-time Inventory Availability
  • Easy Ordering
  • Check Invoices
  • Issue Credits
  • Take Payments

24/7/365 Customer Ordering & Account Management (CDAM)

  • Automated Order Entry
  • Customer Specific Pricing Plans
  • Easy-to-Manage Global Promotions & Pricing
  • Easy-to-Manage Customer Specific Promotions
  • Credit Checking
  • License Requirement Checking

And Powerful Reporting…

  • T3 Transaction Reporting
  • Customer License Expiration Reporting
  • ARCOS/CSOS DEA Reporting
  • Lot Expiry Reporting
  • Transaction History
  • Customized Reporting

TurningPoint Systems has been an integral component to our inventory management and pharmaceutical distribution efforts. As a growing co-op with more than 50 member stores, we chose TurningPoint because we needed an industry-specific, cost compatible solution with a proven service record to integrate our accounting and distribution packages. We researched the competition and found that TurningPoint was clearly the most advanced solutions provider in terms of features and functionality. Our return on investment was quick and unmistakable. TurningPoint has enabled us to streamline our business processes, gain control of our inventory, and generate untapped profit.” – S.V., Manager of Information Systems, Pharmaceutical Distributor

About TurningPoint Systems

With more than 30 years of experience and expertise, TurningPoint Systems has established itself as a leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, wholesale distribution and warehouse management systems (WMS), Sales Force Automation (SFA) software for the pharmaceutical distribution industry.