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We analyzed the annual stats to see how our customers are building their businesses using ERP technology. Here is what we found.

QWIKPoint was built to support sales from office-based customer service staff, a mobile sales force, our own e-commerce platform, or point-of-sale cash and carry. Examination of the details of the sales and usage revealed that our customers use QWIKPoint quite differently from one to another. Some distributors rely on their sales team to enter orders, others were almost exclusively cash and carry, a growing number sell online by e-commerce and some were a mixture of all sales modes.

E-commerce sales growth trends are outpacing the others, with e-commerce growing by a healthy 90%. Such rapid growth could be explained by the COVID pandemic or perhaps that is just the long-term trend of customers choosing the convenience of doing business on-line. What is more surprising is that the average e-commerce order is 84% larger than the average order taken by the sales team! That means that customers making larger orders, on-line, on their own than when working with the sales team!

The QWIKPoint™ ERP Suite (QWP) at 6-years old is the baby brother to the ProfitPoint™ ERP Suite that has a 30-year history. Over the past six years, the QWIKPoint™ ERP Suite has evolved into a powerful ERP that has a broad set of users from small distributors to businesses that have annual sales in excess of $60 million. Our customers’ order sizes range from $300 to $3,000 per order. The order volume going through the QWIKPoint™ platform is growing at 27% a year.