Preferred IMS Partner For Credit Cards

Level 3 software provides more data at the time of your transaction, reducing fees on business cards by as much as 0.50%. This software is vital to containing cost when accepting cards branded with Purchase, Business, Commercial, etc. Business card fees are typically higher than American Express.

Our goal is 15% in Average reduction

  • Wholesale cost with a locked processing fee
  • Level 3 software to reduce cost of business cards accepted (New)
  • Locked fee based on average monthly volume and transaction size
  • Next day funding when batching by 9:45pm EST
  • No contracts, we earn your business month to month
  • No startup costs, no monthly, annual, or any miscellaneous fees ever
  • Fully integrated to TurningPoint Systems and highly secure
  • Domestic call center and a direct agent’s mobile number for support
  • Website integration, invoicing, payments pages, and more
  • IMS is an 13 year old exclusive selling arm of First Data