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TurningPoint Systems has developed a driver delivery verification application, which is currently in beta testing.

TurningPoint Systems has developed a module for the ProfitPoint™ ERP Suite, which works much like the system you see your UPS delivery driver use to verify delivery and monitor the driver’s daily progress.

Each morning when the driver clocks-in, he/she logs into the driver delivery verification module to find all the invoices for their daily route listed and the customer addresses.  With the totes loaded on the truck, the driver sets off for the daily deliveries.  At each stop, the store owner or receiving clerk signs for the delivery of the products on the invoice with a simple electronic verification, which documents the time of the delivery.  At that time, the driver can use the optional camera feature to document the items and their condition at delivery.

The module can work with a standard Android device, but TurningPoint tested a number of hardware devices and suggests a Zebra industrial-grade handheld device.  The device is built to withstand the rigors of commercial use, has an integrated cell phone and is available for a price that is less than many cell phones.

We expect this module to be fully tested and available in January 2021.

Also in development: Google Maps integration for route optimization, estimated time of delivery, individual tote labeling and scanning, and a return feature that synchs with the return authorization function of ProfitPoint.


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