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Kerry Rodgers is the leader of the Software Development and the Customer Support Teams at TurningPoint Systems.

Kerry is a technical GURU, team resource manager, great communicator, and more…

Being the leader of the development team requires that a person knows the underlying development code, can analyze the business processes, and can translate all that into intuitive user functionality.

Being a customer support leader requires understanding the customers’ needs and the computer-user skill levels, as well as having the empathy to put themselves in the position of a person who is frustrated with software that is not working as they think it should.

It is rare to find one person who has both of those skills. Knowing Kerry’s background story sheds some light on how she acquired her skills and abilities.

As you can tell, if you have spoken to Kerry, that is no Texas accent. Kerry was born in South Africa and that is where she began her career in IT and logistic systems as a software developer and systems analyst for Smith and Nephew, and later the McLane Company. In both cases, these companies had sprawling, global distribution networks that required understanding complicated international logistics. Kerry joined the M-Group (a McLane company) in Texas to see what America was like in 1996 and gained more experience in wholesale distribution IT.

Thirty years of wholesale distribution ERP experience explains her technical skills, but where do the soft skills come from. Well, it might come from Kerry’s passion for canine agility competition. Kerry has a kennel of 4 Boxers, with Leia at the head of the pack – ranked 5th place nationally. Kerry and Leia travel and compete together as often as twice a month, requiring a daily training routine. So, if you can get a Boxer to run through a slalom course, race through obstacles and follow a tricky course layout, helping a customer to use a software product, with the help of pictures, text and the English language would be a snap.

Other fun facts…Kerry and her husband, Brian, raise chickens, vegetables and cows on their farm, trying to lead a more planet-friendly, sustainable lifestyle.

So, practice using your ProfitPoint ERP Suite and become a distribution expert and Kerry might give you a treat and a scratch behind the ear, like Leia.

TurningPoint Systems is a leading information technology firm with a 30 year history. Our customers are typically fast growing companies that use information technology to efficiently deliver outstanding customer service, improve sales, and achieve maximum operational efficiency.

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