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rx-header-01TurningPoint Systems announces new enhancements to ProfitPoint/Rx ERP for supporting DSCSA compliance for Pharmaceutical Distribution

TurningPoint Systems Inc. (Gloucester, MA.) announces enhanced features for the ProfitPoint/Rx ERP distribution management platform to support Pharmaceutical distributors in managing their operations.

Rx E-Fill Modules

Our new portal features automate customer ordering, reduces errors, reduces order approval time and time to shipment, while remaining on the lookout for suspicious orders. Automatic cross-referencing of customer’s internal item numbers with the National Drug Code for ordering, buying, credit returns, merchandise returns, and inquiry purposes allows for improvements in productivity, lowers operating costs and increases profits. Now get fully automated customer authorization, product release authorization, product verification, product track and trace, and document production and archiving for FDA and DEA reporting and auditing.

Vendor Portal ProfitWEB now includes features for vendor self-service to view and print purchase order detail information and historical data. The solution is ideal for working with vendors that do not currently possess EDI 856 ASN capabilities to enter line item level data for lot and code date information.

Track and Trace   

ProfitPoint/RX provides full serialization compliance utilizing HDMA EDI ASN 856 and 850 transaction sets. Serialization is further enhanced via the ProfitWMS to support inbound and outbound RF scanning of product serialization data and via ProfitWEB to distribute Track and Trace order line item level documentation to customers.

C&R-Plus: Chargebacks & Rebates-Plus Module   

Chargebacks and rebates offer substantial opportunities to capture increased profits, but you have to identify them and submit timely claims or they are lost. Improved rebate and chargeback revenue capture, with reduced labor for tracking and submission. ProfitPoint/Rx offers comprehensive contract management, automatic tracking for all hospital shipments and calculation of appropriate charge-back fees to be posted to Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable. ProfitPoint/Rx also provides for Group contracts to manage manufacturer and merchandising arrangements.

EDI for Rx   

ProfitPoint/Rx leverages the confidentiality accuracy, and availability of company data with electronic data exchange. ProfitPoint/Rx can transmit data electronically via industry standard EDI X12 for purchase orders, charge backs, and other transactions.

TurningPoint Systems’ ProfitPoint/Rx is a solution suite designed specifically for Pharmaceutical distributors requiring a high level of regulatory compliance and visibility critical data. The ProfitPoint/Rx suite includes ERP, ProfitWMS for warehouse automation, ProfitWeb for customer and vendor order access, and ProfitMobile support utilizing iPhone and Android devices.

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