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ProfitPoint™ Principal Features


  • On-premise deployed system (hosted and managed server option is available)
  • Smart-phone, tablet, scanner and web portal enabling
  • All-in-one solution design, encompassing back-office features, customer web portal and sales automation tools in a shared common platform, eliminating integration of multiple solutions to get needed the tools for your organization.

Sales and Customer Service

  • Manage invoices, purchase orders, back orders and track inventory
  • Credit card and shipment tracking
  • Salesperson and Customer remote order entry via web or smartphone
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Promotions and Rebates
  • Pricing overrides
  • Customer masters tiered price plans, receipts/credits, A/R, aging and adjustments

Finance and Logistics

  • Item master descriptions, category, characteristics, re-pack, and taxation
  • Item tracking by item, lot, date
  • Vendor master purchasing and accounts payable
  • Multi-Warehouse capable
  • Inventory zones and locations
  • Sales/Receiving register
  • Scan/Pick/Pack

Specialized Reporting and Tracking

  • Tax reporting, including tobacco taxation
  • Gross profit
  • Top sellers
  • Sales history
  • Inventory Quantity on Hand (QOH), Committed and Availability reports