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PrintTurningPoint Systems QWIKPoint™ was specifically designed for companies who need to economically upgrade from a simple financial software system to an enterprise management system, one that can scale and support a warehouse management system (WMS) and also has sales force automation (SFA) capabilities.

It allows companies to manage the entire business process including procurement, receiving, order entry, picking and delivery, and payment – all while complying with often complex distribution regulation and reporting requirements.

QWIKPoint™ is easy to implement, requires minimal training for bookkeepers, and has excellent support for a wide range of users from customer service to logistics, from finance to sales.

QWIKPoint™ is available as a SaaS model or as an on-premise option. It is a comprehensive enterprise management solution with integrated tools that offers warehouse management, order management, sales force automation and customer web-access ordering not available in financial software packages like QuickBooks®.

Key QWIKPoint™ Benefits

Affordable – QWIKPoint™ is an affordable, yet powerful enterprise and warehouse management system that is the perfect complement to QuickBooks.

Specialized – QWIKPoint™ is a specialized enterprise management system software solution for distributors of controlled and regulated products that track and trace products with complex regulatory and reporting requirements.

Expandable – QWIKPoint™ has a full suite of sales automation and warehouse productivity tools can be added to boost efficiency and profitability.

Experience – QWIKPoint™ offers a best-of-class easy-to-implement software solution that has progressed over decades of working with specialty distributors and warehouse managers.

QWIKPoint™ Features


  • On-premise deployed system (Saas, hosted and managed server option is available)
  • Smart-phone, tablet, scanner and web portal enabling
  • All in-one solution design, encompassing back-office features, customer web portal and sales automation tools in a shared common platform, eliminating integration of multiple solutions to get needed the tools for your organization.

Sales and Customer Service

  • Manage invoices, purchase orders, back orders and track inventory
  • Credit card and shipment tracking
  • Salesperson and customer remote order entry via web or smartphone
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Promotions and rebates
  • Pricing overrides
  • Customer masters tiered price plans, receipts/credits, A/R, aging and adjustments

Finance and Logistics

  • Item master descriptions, category, characteristics, re-pack, and taxation
  • Item tracking by item, lot, date
  • Vendor master purchasing and accounts payable
  • Multi-Warehouse capable
  • Inventory zones and locations
  • Sales/Receiving register
  • Scan/Pick/Pack

Specialized Reporting and Tracking

  • Taxing and credit tax
  • Tobacco taxation reporting
  • Gross profit
  • Top sellers
  • Sales history
  • Inventory Quantity on Hand (QOH), Committed and Availability reports

For more information about Enterprise Management Systems, TurningPoint Systems and QWIKPoint™ call Elery LeBlanc at (978) 381-0131.