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After two months of operation, the new TPS customer support Help Desk is paying dividends.

This past May TurningPoint Systems activated a new customer support Help Desk. This software solution was purchased in January of this year, and between January and March we were customizing the functionality to meet the demand of our customers.

The adoption by our customers was very encouraging, for a new procedure. The results have been very good as measured by the number of tickets that are resolved per week. June and July saw heavy increases in reported issues, probably due to the seasonal increase in business activity we see with our customers. In spite of the increase in tickets, we were able to reduce the number of open issues by 20%.

To make our Help Desk and the customer support team even more successful, we need your assistance. We can handle issues much more efficiently if they are submitted by creating a ticket in the portal at or sending an email to with a description of your issue / question, with as much information as you can. Both of those ticket submission methods enable us to get the issue to correct systems expert quickly and efficiently.

Our 24-hour phone emergency support line is available at (512) 276-5120, However, this communication channel is very inefficient for non-emergency issues.

Of course, our perception may not match yours. We hope your experience using the Help Desk was similarly favorable. We would love to get your feedback. Please reach out if you have any suggestions.

TurningPoint Systems is a leading information technology firm with a 30 year history. Our customers are typically fast growing companies that use information technology to efficiently deliver outstanding customer service, improve sales, and achieve maximum operational efficiency.

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