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ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Distributors and Wholesalers


ProfitPoint/Rx ERP offers Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Health and Beauty distributors, and retail chain stores ERP software, including inventory software and distribution software, that can seamlessly manage the flow of warehousing, regulatory information, and financial transactions for controlled substances and regulated products.

Profit Point/Rx allows for real time information to track the movement of inventory, order placements, financial transactions, and product delivery. Profit Point/Rx delivers end-to-
end technology with Pedigree tracking and reporting that takes the complexity and expense out of the warehousing for controlled substances and regulated products. There is no doubt that ERP software is taken to the highest level with solutions offered by TurningPoint Systems.

Distributors, manufacturers and retail chain stores can benefit by achieving regulatory compliance with ProfitPoint/Rx’s DEA/FDA reporting and contract management solutions. Companies can reduce operating costs by lowering inventory, optimizing warehouse space and improving sales force productivity through the ProfitPoint/Rx solution.

Companies can also reap rewards with improved customer service since ProftPoint/Rx allows for faster and more accurate product delivery and value added services such as price alert labels, postcards, retail price stickers and shelf labels. Based on a scalable IBM iSeries platform, the ProfitPoint/Rx solution extends beyond standard information management systems, offering mobile computing, web portals, sales automation and advanced business analytics for real time date mining, business intelligence, and ad hoc reporting with IBM’s COGNOS Business Intelligence software.

Pharmaceutical, as well as, health and beauty aid distributors, manufacturers and retail chain stores will enjoy ProfitPoint/Rx which is especially designed with the following fea-

DEA Registration

Compliance with controlled substance laws can be ensured with the ProfitPoint/Rx module that provides for Customer’s DEA registration license and expiration dates, state registration numbers with expiration dates, and allowable schedules to purchase in accordance with the customer’s DEA number.

Controlled Substance Automation

Automatic identification of items with appropriate federal narcotic, prescription, or non-prescription (NDC) codes speed up compliant inventory management. Automatic cross-referencing of customer’s internal item numbers with the National Drug Code for ordering, buying, credit returns, merchandise returns, and inquiry purposes allows for improvements in productivity lowers operating costs and increases profits.

Contracts / Chargeback Data Management

ProfitPoint/Rx allows for comprehensive contract management, offering automatic tracking for all hospital shipments and calculation of appropriate charge-back fees to be posted to Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable. ProfitPoint/Rx also provides for Group contracts to manage manufacturer and merchandising arrangements.

Electronic Transaction Submission (EDI)

ProfitPoint/Rx leverages the confidentiality accuracy, and availability of company data with electronic data exchange. Profit-Point/Rx can transmit data electronically via industry standard EDI X12 for purchase orders, charge backs, and other transactions.

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