Manage e-Commerce Business From Anywhere

TurningPoint’s e-Commerce solution includes a CRM, WebPortal and Mobile App to help manage day-to-day activities with ease and keep track of any business activity, making convenience a priority for both your customers and sales staff. With an emphasis on nearly every area, from advertising, order entry, order guide, retail price maintenance, brand tracking, and documentation, our e-Commerce system’s capabilities increase work efficiency processes. 

An All-in-One CRM

This all-in-one system brings distributors cutting-edge e-Commerce and CRM solutions. Manage your inventory, customers, and online orders all from one seamless platform.

Our CRM provides tools that enable sales team members to sell more products, connect with more clients, and do it all with efficiency and productivity. 

Our behavior-driven design makes sure that the data needed is always only a click or two away. The sales rep dashboards make sure that the most important information is always right in front of you.

The benefits of integrated e-Commerce systems are that they allow users to provide improved customer service and make space for upselling and cross-selling opportunities. 

Because sales reps can place orders directly from the CRM, they can assist customers by creating orders for them, or updating and completing orders as needed. Integrated e-Commerce allows visibility, and therefore cuts down on abandoned carts, as reps can follow up on incomplete orders and help troubleshoot problems with customers.

Automatic goal tracking and one-click report generation can transform how you use data to drive productive behaviors and empower sales teams, by using a suite of metrics and analytics allowing you to visualize sales and performances.

With one-click report generation, you can see in an instant how teams and individuals are faring with their sales goals.

Get a clear sense of how individuals and teams are doing with daily and monthly KPIs that you select yourself. Set goals collaboratively so everyone is always on the same page.

Get alerts that notify you when you’ve met a goal or slipped off track. Alerts help you understand where you are in the process of achieving your KPIs.

Support seamless management of order entry, order placement, and fulfillment. Automate order confirmations, accept online payments, generate invoices, and provide real-time order tracking to keep your customers informed and satisfied.

Modern, cloud-based portal

Access your data anywhere, anytime, and from any device, desktop, laptop, or phone.  

Expedite the order placement process

With an AI-powered platform, your sales team will be able to see what products will sell best to each individual customer so you can get them what they need – when they need it – and speed up the customer’s ordering process. 

Another tool frequently used by reps is our “at-risk” functionality, which allows the sales team to keep on top of the accounts that have negative sales trends. All this makes it easy for a sales rep to navigate their day, so they know who to call, when to call them, and what to sell. 

Increase sales efficiency by optimizing lead flow

Consolidate various lead sources under one platform, standardize lead routing, and ensure all leads are managed by a clear set of rules and guidelines. With less time spent on managing leads, your reps and managers can spend their time on what matters, generating revenue.

  • Improve sales velocity
  • More revenue per lead
  • Faster conversion times

Automatic lead distribution and customer insight dashboards keep sales teams effective and on target.

  • Automatically assigned leads
  • Performance indicators & goal tracking

Increase sales efficiency by optimizing lead flow

Custom rules

Sales managers have the ability to adjust how the leads are being distributed to the sales team.

Lead assignments

Leads are automatically assigned to reps based on set criteria and sales rep specialties.

Lead rotation

Leads are automatically rotated between reps when the relationship has stalled out.

Sales KPIs

Track real-time status of every account, rep, and lead, right at your fingertips. You can’t manage what you can’t track.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Track

Tracking leads is critical to understanding how your accounts are progressing, it’s an easily configurable and intuitive rule-based system, and you’ll know what’s happening at all times with real-time reporting metrics.

  • Automated license verification prevents sales to customers with expired licenses
  • Integrations with billing and ordering platforms centralize payment info
  • Compliance automation reduce the manual effort needed to complete tasks

What is dual order entry?

Dual order entry allows reps to log into a customer’s e-commerce cart via the CRM, in order to answer questions, update an order, or complete a transaction. Having access to the same online cart as customers means better customer service and more opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

Can I set custom pricing for different products, customers, and groups? 

Yes! We know distributors often have complex pricing structures and discounts, so we have flexible pricing management, including automated discount calculations, pricing rules, and saved prices. 

I use other systems, too. What integrations are available? 

Our CRM can integrate seamlessly with other ordering systems, payment collection platforms, email inboxes, and phone systems. 

Multi-location support

Handle inventory across multiple warehouses or distribution centers, providing complete visibility and control.

Will the CRM be easy for all my employees to learn and adopt?

We make adoption easy, with a simple and thorough onboarding process and ongoing support. Plus, our platform is built to be intuitive, so it’s already easy to use.

Promote Specials and Brands on Your WebPortal

Easily create and add advertisement banners to increase customer awareness of sales, promotions, products/services.

Quickly and easily create and publish new ad banners to promote time-sensitive sales. With the ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions or the launch of new products or promotions adjusting marketing strategies is made easy. 

The ability to easily create and add advertisement banners can help with staying competitive while also increasing sales and revenue.

Work in the Mobile App

Smartphone functionality provides greater mobility, real-time updates, and greater flexibility for remote or mobile employees, thereby improving productivity, efficiency, and customer service for your e-Commerce business.

A sales representative or a customer can use a smartphone to:

  • Update an order status
  • Check inventory availability
  • Scan item UPC’s or shelf tags utilizing the phone’s camera as a scanner
  • Search for products by item #, UPC, or description
  • Display previous orders and re-order all items or specific items
  • Search by item class to view items in that class carried by the wholesaler
  • Display credit limit, and AR balance.

Simplified Order Entry

Streamline the order entry process and provide a more cohesive and efficient system for managing orders 

Customers can copy prior orders or use pre-built templates to save time and reduce errors in the ordering process. These templates can be customized to include frequently ordered items or specific quantities, streamlining the ordering process.

Viewing previously ordered quantities by item can help customers in making more informed decisions on the quantity to order, based on past purchasing trends.

Dates on expected items from a vendor can help your customers plan their inventory and production schedules accordingly.

Displaying all previous orders and extracting data via PDF and Excel can help businesses analyze their order history and identify areas for improvement.

Our Pricing Capabilities for e-Commerce will give you a Competitive Advantage

With constant changes in the market and with competitors, it’s essential to ensure that products are priced correctly to remain competitive. However, managing prices manually can be a daunting task, prone to errors and inconsistencies. This is where TurningPoint Systems comes in to help you stay ahead of the competition and optimize your profits.

Centralized database for storing and managing product prices. This makes it easier for businesses to maintain consistency in pricing across multiple sales channels and geographies.

Real-time updates of product prices enable the ability to quickly adjust prices to reflect changes in market conditions, competitive pressures, and internal factors such as costs.

Manual processes for managing product prices can lead to errors and inconsistencies. We can help improve accuracy by automating pricing calculations and eliminating manual data entry.

Streamline workflows related to product pricing, including pricing approvals, discount management, and promotional pricing to save time and reduce the risk of errors.

Get a 30-60-90 view into product pricing, including historical pricing data, price trends, and customer buying patterns. This can help in making more informed pricing decisions and identify opportunities for improving profitability.

Know What's Making Money

Create detailed and accurate reports to be aware of the performance of brands. Our ERP solution for e-Commerce can create reports explaining the following data:

Our brand summary report provides an overview of sales by brand, allowing the ability to identify which brands are driving the most revenue. This information can be used to make informed decisions about product selection, marketing efforts, and inventory management.

The top seller’s report provides information on the best-selling products with the ability to identify which products are most popular among customers. This can help optimize product offerings and promotional strategies.

Looking to streamline your business operations and improve efficiency?

Our ERP systems may be the solution you need! Don’t let outdated systems hold your business back. 

Contact us today to learn how an ERP implementation can transform your business and position you for long-term success.