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Warehouse Distribution SoftwareTurningPoint Systems is an information technology firm with a 30 year history of helping our clients manage their hardware, software, and distribution technologies to increase operational efficiency and increase profitability.

Founded by Elery LeBlanc, a pioneer in supply chain management and distribution technology in the pharmaceutical industry, today TurningPoint Systems has two practices, or service groups, one specializing in IT consulting and IT managed services, and the other specializing in enterprise management software and productivity products for the pharmaceutical industry, candy, tobacco, and convenience store distribution industry, and for wholesale grocery store and food service distributors.


  • Flexible infrastructure design / management solutions
  • Deep expertise with IBM Power systems and IBM System i technology
  • Cloud management and migration
  • Data security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Enterprise management software and database optimization


  • Remote system monitoring
  • Remote system support
  • Hosting and system support


  • As IBM and Oracle Premier Business partners TurningPoint Systems offers a full catalog of products, services, and on-going support for IBM and Oracle.


TurningPoint Systems offers wholesale distributors our flagship product ProfitPoint, a best-of-class, full-featured Enterprise Management System (ERP) specially designed for distributing, tracking and reporting regulated products, such as pharmaceuticals, tobacco, food, health and beauty products.

ProfitPoint is a comprehensive wholesale distribution solution with three industry-specific versions:

ProfitPoint is capable of real-time, synchronized processing of customer orders, complex promotional programs, distribution, purchasing, warehouse management, integrated financials, and special compliance reporting.

ProfitPoint™ SALES and DISTRIBUTION PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS provide a full suite of easily integrated products that enable sales force automation, warehouse inventory management, and 24/7 direct customer ordering web access, including:

  • Web Order Entry
  • Mobile Warehouse Manager (WMS)
  • Remote Order Entry Module
  • Proof of Delivery

Additional flexibility is created with sales and distribution productivity modules that integrate with most third-party inventory and accounting systems.

Our products and services support the nation’s finest distributors of FDA, USDA and MSA regulated products, such as tobacco, pharmaceuticals and food products.

Recently, TurningPoint Systems created a line of enterprise management software and productivity tools, based on its flagship product line, ProfitPoint™. QWIKPoint™ available as SaaS or on-premise installation, is a comprehensive enterprise management solution with integrated tools that offers warehouse management, order management, sales force automation and customer web-access ordering not available in financial software packages like QuickBooks™.


Elery LeBlanc, Founder & President

Elery’s passion for technology and business development started early after graduating with a degree in Computer Science. Working for Sylvania Lighting, and then Varian Semiconductor early in his career, he found himself on the front line of business operations and manufacturing operations as a programmer and business unit manager. Elery worked for KPMG as a Senior Systems Analyst performing comprehensive software systems audits until venturing out on his own and starting TurningPoint Systems. Elery is considered a pioneer in supply chain management and distribution technology for the pharmaceutical industry.

John Hamel, Principal – Director of IT Consulting & Managed Services

John is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst holding a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. A seasoned IT executive with more than 30 years of IT sales, planning, and management experience John’s commitment to customer satisfaction and a deep understanding of IT solutions make him a valued resource for companies looking to improve their technology infrastructure.

After a successful career with the IBM Corporation, John has held a variety of senior sales and sales management positions over the years within the IBM Business Partner community. John joined TurningPoint Systems in 2014. Leveraging a broad understanding of new technologies and integrated solutions, combined with his experience working with fast-growing companies and each of their complex IT requirements, John brings a unique solutions-focused approach to helping companies manage their IT infrastructure and disaster recovery protocols while simultaneously taking into consideration the fact that companies must always manage costs and manage limited resources.

Rick Gabrielli – Principal Platform, Software and Integration Architect

Rick brings an impressive and extensive skill set of languages and development tools to TurningPoint Systems. As a Chief Petty Officer in the Naval Reserve, working in Washington, DC at the Naval Intelligence Automation Command (NIAC), he was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal in June of 1991 for the development and deployment of satellite communications software used during Operation Desert Storm. Rick has experience as a Software Engineer, Engineering Team Leader, and Software Consultant at well-known Boston area companies, including Fidelity Investments, Gillette, and Electric Insurance. Today Rick works with the TurningPoint development team to maintain, update, upgrade, and customize ProfitPoint and QwikPoint for existing customers as well as for new customer installations.

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