Leverage Our 30-Years Of Experience

TurningPoint Systems is an information technology firm with a 30-year history of helping our clients manage their hardware, software, and distribution technologies to increase operational efficiency and increase profitability.

Our History

TurningPoint Systems was founded by Elery LeBlanc, a pioneer in supply chain management. Today, TurningPoint has two practices or service groups: one specializing in IT consulting and IT managed services, and the other specializing in enterprise management software and productivity products for the pharmaceutical industry, candy, tobacco, and convenience store distribution industry, and wholesale grocery store and food service distributors.

Meet our team

Our Management Team

Elery LeBlanc

Founder & President

Elery’s passion for technology and business development started after graduating with a degree in Computer Science. Working for Sylvania Lighting and then Varian Semiconductor early in his career, he found himself on the front lines of business operations and manufacturing operations as a programmer and business unit manager. Elery worked for KPMG as a Senior Systems Analyst performing comprehensive software systems audits until venturing out on his own and starting TurningPoint Systems. Elery is considered a pioneer in supply chain management and distribution technology for the pharmaceutical industry.

John Hamel

Principal Director of IT Consulting & Managed Services

John is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, holding a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. An IT executive with more than 30 years of experience, John’s commitment to customer satisfaction and a deep understanding of IT solutions makes him a valued resource for companies looking to improve their technology infrastructure.

John joined TurningPoint Systems in 2014. With a broad understanding of new technologies and integrated solutions combined with his experience working with fast-growing companies and their complex IT requirements, John brings a solutions-focused approach to helping companies manage their IT infrastructure and disaster recovery protocols while taking into consideration costs and resources.

Rick Gabrielli

Principal Platform, Software and Integration Architect

Rick brings an impressive and extensive skill set of languages and development tools to TurningPoint Systems. As a Chief Petty Officer in the Naval Reserve, working at the Naval Intelligence Automation Command (NIAC) in Washington, D.C., Rick was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal in June of 1991 for the development and deployment of satellite communications software used during Operation Desert Storm. Rick has experience as a Software Engineer, Engineering Team Leader, and Software Consultant at well-known Boston area companies, including Fidelity Investments, Gillette, and Electric Insurance. Today, Rick works with the TurningPoint development team to maintain, update, upgrade, and customize ProfitPoint™ and QwikPoint™ for existing customers and new customer installations.

Jim Nagle

Senior Consultant of Pharmaceutical Industry

With over 25 years of proven success in the pharmaceutical and distribution arena, Jim is adept at leveraging your company’s core competencies to intelligently capitalize on its business-growth and market-expansion opportunities. Jim started his pharmaceutical distribution career as the controller for an independent wholesaler, which was acquired by AmeriSource. At AmeriSource, Jim was promoted to Vice President General Manager and had P&L responsibilities for the Boston and Springfield Massachusetts divisions for AmeriSource.
He most recently was a key member of an executive team that grew a specialty pharmaceutical company from start-up phase to a $100 million valuation, resulting in acquisition by a private equity group. He has expertise in analyzing existing operations and implementing the necessary operational, financial and marketing strategies to improve business development, market share, revenue growth and cash flow.

Kirk Visser

Product Development Director

As a member of the Air Force, Kirk worked on programming projects including base supplies and logistics at the beginning of his career before moving on to programming software for sophisticated missile guidance systems. From there, Kirk worked on government projects in the state of Michigan and consultation work in the manufacturing business before joining the distribution industry at McLean Company/McLean Group. Kirk has been with TurningPoint for over 25 years, designing, installing, and consulting on major projects in a variety of industries. A veteran industry professional with in-depth perspectives on both the programming side and project delivery side, Kirk understands at an elemental level how to build and sculpt powerful software tools to meet clients’ specific wants and needs, and how to make sure customers can take full advantage of TurningPoint Systems software solutions.

David Gillman

National Sales – Director of Business Intelligence

David has more than 25 years’ experience working with commercial and operational data to extract more meaning and more value for companies of all sizes. He has degrees from UC Berkeley in science and Northwestern University in Industrial Engineering and Management Science. He also completed a post-grad certificate in machine learning at Stanford and regularly updates his skills in analytics with online certifications. His technical education serves him well in his career areas of business intelligence, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence applied to real business. He has also held managerial positions at several software companies serving distribution, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Starr Hodel

National Sales Director, Integrity Merchant Solutions

A decorated military veteran, Starr is also an industry veteran with roughly 15 years of experience in the payments space. Through his work with Integrity Merchant Solutions, Starr has relationships with a range of companies large and small in the distribution industry and enjoys creating customized solutions specifically tailored to meet his partners’ needs.