Our Proud Partners


Customer resource management (CRM) is extremely important, which is why we have partnered with Workd. Stay up to date on all of your customers and automate your distribution process with Workd’s industry-leading distribution CRM and business process management software.

Legisym, LLC

TurningPoint Systems has partnered with Legisym, LLC to integrate their Express222™ Controlled Substance Ordering System and License Verify™ Pharmaceutical License Verification. Express222™ makes the ordering process more efficient by automating every step while always meeting DEA validation and reporting requirements.

Hosted Telecom Solutions

Hosted Telecom Solutions, Inc. is a nationwide full-service, MSP (Managed Service Provider) that is a provider of internet, voice, data center and cybersecurity solutions. Through the partnership, we are able to provide our customers a unique project experience, project specific professional services, and high-quality telecommunications and cloud products with a customer focused help desk.

DBP Consulting, LLC

A TurningPoint Systems partner for over 10 years, DBP Consulting, LLC has helped us provide our customers with the highest level of support with our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Initiative. 

DBP Consulting, LLC has over 25 years experience on the IBMi Platform, meaning that together we can provide you and your business with a more efficient and reliable solution for your workflows. 


Industry leader PayBright partnered with TurningPoint Systems so together we can offer reliable and affordable payment processing and reporting solutions. Their merchants have access to robust payment options that create the least amount of friction at the point of sale, including text to pay, digital invoicing, tap to pay, mobile payments, and more. 

30+ Year IBM Premier Business Partner

TurningPoint Systems has been an IBM Premier Business Partner for over 30 years and offers our clients a full catalog of IBM products and related, on-going, services support. IBM Premier Business Partners are those of its partners who have demonstrated superior skills and market success, and actively collaborate with IBM to deliver significant client value through innovative solutions.

Warehouse Consultant, Dick Friedman

Dick Friedman is a highly regarded expert in warehouse organization and operations. With a passion for helping distributors succeed, Dick’s advice and 120-Point Warehouse Best Practices checklist have significantly increased profits and customer satisfaction for numerous businesses. 

Gumbo Software, Inc.

TurningPoint Systems is partnered with Gumbo Mail to provide the popular SendMail program, implemented on IBMi. It is a software utility that allows you to send email with MIME attachments directly from IBMi. With Gumbo Mail you can email output to any application. Gumbo Mail integrates with IBMi’s built-in mail support to provide delivery to any email recipient. All processing is performed on IBMi, which provides a stable platform for generating email.

T.L. Ashford, Barcode400

Barcode400 combines an easy-to-use Graphical Design Interface with the power, reliability and security of the IBM i. The Graphical Design Interface allows you to quickly and easily create labels using data directly from your IBM i files. Labels are automatically saved to the IBM i creating a centralized labeling architecture. Labels are printed from the IBM i and can be completely integrated with your ERP, WMS or in-house-written applications.

Profound Logic

TurningPoint’s developers have partnered with Profound UI, the all-in-one solution to transform existing RPG applications into GUI browser-based applications, to develop new, rich web and mobile interfaces.

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