A Streamlined Payment Processing System

TurningPoint Systems has partnered with PayBright, an industry leader that offers reliable and affordable payment processing solutions. PayBright works with the top payment processors in America, to insulate our customers from cost increases, and provides comprehensive reporting solutions for merchants of all sizes, making debit and credit transactions easier to manage. 

Top Data Security For Payment Processing

Enhanced security, from our PayBright partnership, delivers the most up-to-date protection throughout the payment process to provide you with comprehensive data security and reduce your liability, every step of the way.

Tokenization replaces sensitive payment information with a unique token, which helps protect the data from being intercepted or stolen.

Bank mandated security protocols with Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards to protect card data and prevent fraud.

 Ensures that payment data is transmitted securely.

Sophisticated tools are used to monitor payment transactions for suspicious activity and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Comprehensive Payment Processing Solutions

Process payments securely with virtually any payment option including credit card processing, electronic check processing, and gift card programs. This enables businesses to provide a variety of payment options to their customers.

Easy Integration & Use

PayBright’s payment processing capabilities, when integrated with TurningPoint Systems’ ERP solutions, helps streamline processes, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and improve decision-making, while offering a variety of benefits that make the payment transaction process so much easier and efficient. 

Key Features

  • Ability to store multiple credit cards and identify default cards for payment
  • Full history and audit trail of all credit transactions
  • One-time payments and scheduled payments based on Accounts Receivable terms
  • Level 3 software that provides instant rebates for most business card types, also reduces downgrades and surcharges.
  • Next business day funding
  • 24/7 Domestic call center and a direct agent’s mobile number for support
  • Website integration
  • Optional automated convenience fee built into the software

Plus, it comes with great savings

  • Average of 15% decrease in credit card fees
  • No startup costs, no monthly, annual, or miscellaneous fees
  • minimal, if needed, terminal costs
  • Locked fee based on average monthly volume and transaction size

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