Can you customize inventory categories and characteristics?

Categories, Sub-Categories and color-coding of items is built into QwikPoint from the ground up.  They are defined at system set-up and are used to create lists, and subset items, for everything from reporting to pricing updates.

Can your system handle returns?

Returns functionality is built into the system and provides full control whether the affected items are being returned to stock or marked as discarded.

Do you have vendor management options?

Information for each Vendor you order from, is stored in the system with full order history, stock turnover velocity, and average monthly sales, so there’s no guesswork involved in ordering.

How do I view sales data?

QwikPoint has a full complement of reports that enable you to track sales and profitability before it hits the bottom line.  Built-in flexibility for promotional pricing can keep surplus stock on the move to expedite cash flow, and sales-trend analysis enables you to target your marketing and sales initiatives to maximize returns.

How do I manage item details and descriptions?

Vendor product catalogs can be uploaded into the system to save data entry.  Any updates to Item details and descriptions are reflected throughout the system in real-time.

How do I track my deliveries?

If a shipment is being handled by a third party, tracking information is provided and can be accessed at any time.

How do I manage invoices and purchase orders?

Invoicing and Purchase Ordering functionality is fully integrated into the system and can be accessed and tracked with ease.

How do I know what is on backorder?

QwikPoint keeps track of inventory for every item you carry – with real-time up-to-the-minute figures for Quantity on Hand and Quantity on Order.  With a glance, you can see what’s in the Warehouse, what’s on the way, and when it will arrive.

What are the hosting demands of your software?

A cloud-based solution like QwikPoint, frees you from the cost and responsibility of looking after your own hardware.  This means you don’t have to deal with the time or expense of system updates, hardware upgrades, or downtime, because all of that is managed by TurningPoint Systems.  Your data is backed up and saved automatically. Updates […]

Is your platform secure?

QwikPoint uses Secure Network Protocols to ensure that the system, and your data, can only be accessed by your users and customers.  Because it is multi-hosted and backed up regularly, continuous access to the system is assured.  As long as your internet connection is up and running, QwikPoint is available.