MSA MultiCat Reporting

Canadian and US retailers can turn their cigarette, cigar, tobacco, grocery and beverage inventory and sales data into significant discounts from manufacturers when weekly reporting is properly submitted to MSA. If you are NOT using ProfitPointTM or QwikPointTM, TurningPointTM Systems MSA MultiCat Reporting Module can be easily and quickly integrated into your existing financial or distribution software.

Key Features:

  • Reports sales of tobacco and candy products made to retail stores
  • Tracks sales and maintains compliance with MSA reporting requirements
  • Formats data and sends directly to MSA
  • Easily integrates with all accounting programs including QuickBooks
  • Easy to use and quick to install
  • Does not require dedicated internet connection

Getting Started

For more information about MSA MultiCat reporting from TurningPoint Systems drop us a line using the form, or call Elery LeBlanc at {888}-414-3126 ext. 101.