Food Services

As a Convenience Store Distributors and Food Service Distributor, you need the tool to more effectively manage your supply chain, sales, customer service, and so much more. ProfitPoint™ enterprise management software was built for you to run your business efficiently and securely.

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    Always In The Know

    ProfitPoint™ allows food distributors and wholesalers to fill orders faster and cut down on needless paperwork, allowing you to focus on staying competitive. ProfitPoint™ is a specialized enterprise management system software solution offering instantaneous information and comprehensive reporting.

    When You Need A Complete System

    With ProfitPoint™, you have an entire system at the tip of your fingers. The ERP suite provides a way to easily automate your entire company. Compounded with the Complete Warehouse Management, a hands-free and paperless product that keeps track of your warehouse, everything is hosted in the cloud for safe, secure storage.

    Enterprise Management

    Federal and State regulatory compliance, warehouse management, tax calculations, online customer ordering, and more powerful features.

    Sales Automation

    Easily create new orders, check invoices, issue credits, and take payments through one efficient tool.

    Ordering & Account Management

    Track product sales by type, unit, and case. Manage invoices, discounts, stock, returns and more. ProfitPoint™ allows users to manage all aspects of their food service business in one place.


    Empower your teams ordering ability with online order management that is convenient and can be done all in-house without needlessly involving customer service.

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    Other Solutions

    TurningPoint Systems helps our customers chart an economical, adaptable pathway that assures their IBM Power and IBM System I business systems are operating at their peak performance.

    Best of Class Industry Specific ERP Software “Better Profitability Through Technology”

    ProfitPoint ERP has been delivering real time management capabilities to dozens of small and medium-sized candy and tobacco distributors for 14 years. ProfitPoint offers end-to-end functionality on an IBM iSeries platform for streamlined operations and simple, cost effective regulatory compliance.