ProfitPoint ERP Software

vs. NCR

Why You Should Make the Switch

When You Need a
Complete System

Distributors looking for ERP software solutions face a lot of options. How do you know which one is the right fit for you and your specific needs? With 30 years of experience and expertise serving distributors, TurningPoint Systems is a natural fit for distributors, even compared to NCR.

It’s important to understand what NCR and TurningPoint each do to understand how they serve your business. Along with a desire to increase efficiency, eliminate waste, and create time-saving workflow automations, there’s a desire to have something that allows for hoped-for growth that comes with a successful business enterprise.

Both ProfitPoint from TurningPoint Systems and NCR include features that can help with inventory monitoring. But ProfitPoint was built specifically with distribution in mind, which means that the depth of its feature catalog is deep and strong.

ProfitPoint Overview

ProfitPoint is specifically designed for companies who need to upgrade from a simple financial software system to an enterprise management system, one that can scale and support a warehouse management system (WMS) and also has sales force automation (SFA) capabilities.

ProfitPoint allows distributors to fill orders faster and cut down on needless paperwork, allowing you to focus on staying competitive. ProfitPoint is a specialized enterprise management system software solution for distributors of controlled and regulated products that track and trace products with complex regulatory and reporting requirements.

ProfitPoint is safe, secure, reliable, and accessible from wherever you are on whatever device you’re using. And with decades of fine-tuning under the hood, TurningPoint software solutions have been engineered to be full of robust business features and inherently intuitive interfaces. Whether you’re starting from scratch or upgrading from another system, our U.S.-based support team will provide training, answer questions, and fully ensure that you’re able to take advantage of everything TurningPoint software solutions has to offer.

Small- and medium-sized companies looking to grow who need software that supports warehouse inventory operations as well as robust accounting and analytics functionality, a fully realized distribution-focused ERP like ProfitPoint is the clear winner.

ProfitPoint vs. NCR

NCR is an ERP system that covers point of sale functionality, self-checkout capabilities, analytics, loyalty and consumer engagement, and support services. TurningPoint Systems specializes in distribution-specific ERP solutions, plus the experience and expertise that comes with 30 years of service to the industry. And it’s scaled for growth—so once you sign up for ProfitPoint, you’ll never need to change your software.

ProfitPoint offers a variety of options, and its distribution-specific focus and user-friendly interfaces make it attractive to many businesses working in the distribution industry.

ProfitPoint offers all kinds of functionality and tools for distributors. It tracks items through the purchasing, shipping, and delivery process. It offers an e-commerce platform, so users can shop around the clock. And it offers analytics, so you can see at a glance how your company is doing.

Why You Should Choose ProfitPoint

For companies looking for accounting and enterprise/self-checkout software, NCR might seem like a strong choice. But small- and medium-sized companies looking to grow who need software that supports warehouse inventory operations as well as robust accounting and analytics functionality, a fully realized distribution-focused ERP like ProfitPoint is the clear winner.

With e-commerce functionality, purchasing insights/algorithms, regulatory and compliance features, and much, much more, ProfitPoint is a smart, affordable choice for businesses looking to manage their inventory, accounting, and analytics—and put themselves in a position with software that can grow with them.

Comparison Chart

Purchasing Insights
Flexible Order Entry
Regulatory & DSCSA Compliance Features
Warehouse Management System
Unit-Level Track-and-Trace
Delivery App & Proof-of-Delivery Module
CRM Capabilities
EDI and Barcode Scanning
Accounting and Order Management


ProfitPoint Is a
Total Solution

ProfitPoint is an all-in-one inventory and database solution. In addition to the full-service cloud-based ERP system, we also offer apps for both Android and iOS that enable phone ordering, warehouse operations management and driver delivery scheduling. And the entire development team is constantly striving to further improve the platform and deliver new features.


Pricing Updates and Taxation Adjustments

ProfitPoint offers a range of price change options as well as custom pricing plans so you can apply special or promotional pricing across product categories. Bulk pricing adjustments means your business can move faster and focus on the bottom line. You can also use ProfitPoint to set up individual tax plans to assess state, county, and city tax rates as needed.


Regulatory Reporting and Compliance

With ProfitPoint, you will always be up to date with the most vital regulatory and compliance requirements. ProfitPoint has a full complement of detailed reports to cover all aspects of your business. The system automatically tracks compliance information in regulated industries, as well as custom reports for individual states that can be generated as needed.


Customer Resource Management (CRM)

Know everything there is to know about a customer at the click of a button. ProfitPoint enables you to quickly find complete customer information including license and expiration tracking for tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals. Full history tracking is built in, and Electronic Data Interface (EDI) communications can be added as needed. Returns and chargeback processes are fully integrated into the system.


Flexible Order Entry

Make your storefront available around the clock from anywhere on the planet. Orders can be placed via the main ProfitPoint system, through the web portal, or from the mobile phone app. Payment can be taken via card, cash, check, and credit, with invoices instantly generated. All customer transactions are logged to ensure full order history is always available.

ProfitPoint Is a Total Solution
Pricing Updates and Taxation Assessments
Regulatory Reporting and Compliance
Customer Resource Management (CRM)
Flexible Order Entry

Getting Started

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