QwikPoint™ allows pharma distributors to fill orders faster and cut down on needless paperwork, allowing you to focus on staying competitive. QwikPoint™ is a specialized enterprise management system software solution for distributors of controlled and regulated products that track and trace products with complex regulatory and reporting requirements.

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    Increased Profit in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    QwikPoint™ is available as a SaaS model or as an on-premise option. The system is easy to implement, requires minimal training for bookkeepers, and has excellent support for a wide range of users from customer service to logistics, from finance to sales.

    Your Problems Are Our Business

    QwikPoint™ is the perfect, affordable alternative to QuickBooks. For the pharmaceutical distribution industry, regulations and time management is of utmost importance. Our tool allows companies to manage the entire business process including procurement, receiving, order entry, picking and delivery, and payment – all while complying with often complex distribution regulation and reporting requirements.

    Cloud Hosting

    For your convenience and user preference, you have the option of either a hosted or managed server.

    Pharma Delivery

    With the proof-of-delivery module, you’ll have information supporting the successful delivery of your products. You will also easily track inventory throughout the delivery process.

    Pharma Sales

    Productively manage all of your invoices, purchase orders, and back orders. Keep track of vendor master purchasing and accounts payable all within the system.


    Empower your teams ordering ability with online order management that is convenient and can be done all in-house without needlessly involving customer service.

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    QwikPoint Is a Total Solution

    QwikPoint is an all-in-one inventory and database solution. In addition to the full-service cloud-based ERP system, QwikPoint also offers apps for both Android and iOS that enable phone ordering, warehouse operations management and driver delivery scheduling. And the entire QwikPoint development team is constantly working to improve the platform and deliver new features.


    Efficient Pricing Updates and Taxation Adjustments

    QwikPoint offers a range of price change options as well as custom pricing plans so you can apply special or promotional pricing across product categories. Bulk pricing adjustments means your business can move faster and focus on what really matters. You can also use QwikPoint to set up individual tax plans to assess state, county, and city tax rates as needed.


    Pharma Regulatory Reporting and Compliance

    With QwikPoint, you will always be up to date with the most vital regulatory and compliance information. QwikPoint has a full complement of detailed reports to cover all aspects of your business. The system automatically tracks compliance information in regulated industries, and additional custom reports for individual state reporting can be generated as needed.


    Customer Resource Management (CRM)

    Know everything there is to know about a customer at the click of a button. QwikPoint enables you to track complete customer information including license and expiration tracking for tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals. Full history tracking is built in, and Electronic Data Interface (EDI) communications can be added as needed. Returns and chargeback processes are fully integrated into the system.


    Flexible Pharma Order Entry

    Make your storefront available around the clock from anywhere on the planet. Orders can be placed via the main QwikPoint system, via web portal, or via mobile phone app. Payment can be taken via credit card, cash, check, and credit, and customer orders and transactions are tracked and invoices generated with full order and customer history available.

    QwikPoint Is a Total Solution
    Pricing Updates and Taxation Assessments
    Regulatory Reporting and Compliance
    Customer Resource Management (CRM)
    Flexible Order Entry

    Our Solutions

    TurningPoint Systems helps our customers chart an economical, adaptable pathway that assures their IBM Power and IBM System I business systems are operating at their peak performance.

    Best of Class Industry Specific ERP Software “Better Profitability Through Technology”

    ProfitPointTM ERP has been delivering real time management capabilities to dozens of small and medium-sized pharmaceutical distributors for 14 years. ProfitPointTM offers end-to-end functionality on an IBM iSeries platform for streamlined operations and simple, cost effective regulatory compliance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does TurningPoint Systems solve Federal and State regulatory compliance issues?
    TurningPoint’s extensive experience in supplying software solutions to the Pharmaceutical Sector means that every aspect of Federal and State regulatory compliance and reporting is built into QwikPoint Rx.  Each item’s movement is tracked from the time it is received until it is shipped, including the Lot/Serial Number and Expiration Date.  From Customer License verification to DEA T3 Life Cycle History and ARCOS reporting, QwikPoint Rx has it covered.
  • How does TurningPoint Systems help with warehouse management?
    QwikPoint Rx provides a complete Warehouse Management System solution for everything you carry, including Scheduled Items and Controlled Substances.  Slot locations and backstock location tracking ensure that you know where every product is located in real time.  When Pharmaceutical Serialization Tracking comes into effect for Lot-Controlled Items, you’ll be ready on Day One, because of QwikPoint Rx.
  • I am having trouble with tax calculations.
    The system features automatic handling of Sales Tax charges and reporting at both the Customer and Item level.
  • What are your e-commerce capabilities?
    TurningPoint’s e-commerce module provides an online portal that enables users to place orders, view prior orders, reprint invoices, and run velocity reports.  Smartphone and Tablet Apps that allow Order Entry from anywhere are available as well.
  • How do I ensure correct picking?
    Every item that’s ordered gets picked in sequence by Warehouse Location, either from a printed list, or scanned in via TurningPoint’s RF Picking handheld app.  Orders are placed into totes that are independently verified before being loaded onto the designated truck.  Deliveries occur along user-defined routes, and TurningPoint’s ProfitDelivery handheld app can be used to scan and record each delivery, ensuring accuracy, which can be monitored in real time.
  • My current ordering system is complicated and inefficient.
    QwikPoint Rx Order Entry is quick and easy, whether entered into the Web Interface, via the Smartphone or Tablet App, through EDI, or directly by your customers into the online ordering portal.  Items and Descriptions can be searched for by Name, Vendor, Manufacturer, or by UPC code, with product lines organized into categories and color-coded for efficiency.  All orders are written directly to the system and processed identically regardless of how they’re entered.
  • Can you create and modify invoices?
    Once an order is picked from the warehouse, verify if any handling fees have been added, and Invoice/s can be printed for the Order or Route.  Each Order is stored automatically, and Invoices can be reprinted at any time.
  • Can your system manage customer’s payments and billing accounts?
    Customer Payments and Account Balances are processed and updated in real-time.  Payments can be taken via Card, Cash, ACH and Check, or the Order Amount can be placed on Account up to a pre-defined Credit Limit.  Account Balances are available at a glance, and the Aged Trial Balance report shows amounts owed by date, with full payment history available at a click.
  • Do you track product sales history?
    The details of each invoice are recorded so that product sales history can be tracked for every item carried.  Sales can be viewed by Customer, Item, Category, or Salesperson, for any date range.
  • Is inventory managed in real-time?
    Each transaction that affects an item’s Quantity On Hand or Quantity On Order is reflected in real time.  This applies to Purchasing, Receiving, Sales, Inventory Adjustments, Credit Returns, Vendor Returns, and Scrappage.  Inventory Status is continually updated as orders move through the system.  When an order is placed it goes from Available to Committed and when an Invoice is produced after an order is picked, it is subtracted from the Quantity On Hand.
  • Can we apply discounts and promotional pricing to products?
    Sales Tracking and Inventory Level Assessment enables you to use QwikPoint Rx’s Business Intelligence to identify and respond to trends with targeted discounts or promotional pricing, to accelerate turnover and expedite cashflow.  Flexible options allow you to tailor pricing by Customer, Vendor, Manufacturer, Item or Product Lines, and even enable location-based discounts for Cash & Carry sales.
  • Do you have an online customer order portal?
    The QwikPoint Rx online portal enables you to provide new Customers with a URL so they can directly access the system to register their account information.  Once you approve their account, they can use the Portal to place and pay for orders directly, check their order history, reprint orders, download CSV/Excel Spreadsheet data, and track sales velocity.
  • Can customers edit submitted orders?
    TurningPoint’s e-commerce Portal enables your customers to place orders which can be edited up until they are submitted.  If anything needs to be added, they simply enter another order which can be set to merge with the previous order, as long as it hasn’t yet been invoiced, so it all arrives in the same shipment.  Promotional offers and recent order history helps remind them of anything they might have overlooked, maximizing sales.