Transforming Your Business Processes: A Guide to Implementing TurningPoint Systems

As business grows, your workflows and systems will either sink or ascend. Business process transformation, a subset of business process management (BPM) involves changing existing processes of current workflows to match your new business goals. In most cases, organizations swap manual processes for digital and automated ones as part of a business process transformation. Implementing […]


3 Future Predictions of Business Technology from TurningPoint Systems

As the year 2021 neared its end, industry players made predictions of what developments in technology would be the main focus of the upcoming year. Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things were anticipated to be two primary points of focus, and they were. Not uncommon, this shifted during the year and the leading areas of […]


The Role of Technology in Business Growth

Insights from TurningPoint Systems Technology plays a critical role in promoting business growth. The development of new technologies and automated systems has revolutionized how businesses operate, making it easier for distributors and business owners to manage processes, increase efficiency, and improve productivity. Five significant ways technology is influencing business processes include: With such effects in […]

3 Reasons Why TurningPoint Systems Can Help Your Business Thrive

Competition in the business world can be fierce, especially given the recent changes and upheaval in the economic spheres. Your company needs every advantage to flourish among the competition. No matter the quality of your product or service, if your infrastructure and analytics lag behind your rivals, performance will suffer. Modern, advanced software solutions that […]