What Is Enterprise Resource Planning and Why Do You Need It?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) refers to a company’s resource management process. Through ERP, an organization creates a system to integrate different parts of the business and run the whole business efficiently. The three main categories of resources are:

  • People (Human Resources)
  • Finances (Payroll, Compensation & Benefits, General Ledger, etc.)
  • Products/Services (Asset Management, Supply Chain, Inventory, etc.)

The idea is to streamline a business and have one single space where it all comes together. This way, an organization can have eyes on everything simultaneously, observe the processes, understand issues, troubleshoot them, and streamline everything to solve those issues.

Simply put, an ERP allows any company to run their business using a single system. This system can work across marketing, finance, human resources, sales, and so much more.

Without an ERP, the different departments in an organization cannot work together cohesively. Instead, there will be significant gaps between them that directly or indirectly affect the business. The ERP can bring all these departments together where each one has its individual system in place while still being a part of the larger system.

An ERP enables information sharing, communication, and collaboration between areas to foster a smooth and efficient workflow.

Usually, ERPs are a native or web-based application that connects with all organizational departments. Each department has its dashboard and modules with all of the necessary functionalities. They also have an interface to pass on information to other departments wherever there’s a dependency involved.

Benefits Of An Enterprise Resource Planning System


By leveraging ERPs, companies can automate various aspects of their operations which eat into the employees’ time. With it, organizations can save time and shift their focus from tedious manual jobs to growing the business.

Elimination of Redundancy

Information sharing can aid organizations in eliminating data and other kinds of redundancies.

If two departments carry out the same process or two different teams store the same data separately, ERPs can help eliminate the extra work.

Knowledge Sharing

Teams can share data between them via easy-to-use interfaces. This way, all units have everything they need while working on a project and don’t need to spend or waste time acquiring data from other teams.

Increased Productivity

ERPs can help increase employees’ productivity since they can work in a synchronized fashion and identify dependencies well. People can also carry out mutually exclusive tasks and then collaborate on tasks that require two or more teams to work on them.

Quick Reporting And Analysis

Some companies need real-time reporting of data, analysis, and next steps to be executed on a day-to-day basis. The company can use ERPs for these analytics and report generations to make clear and precise business decisions.

Overall, due to these advantages, any company organization can improve its workflow, operations, and efficiency. This can directly and indirectly help reduce costs and make more informed decisions.

TurningPoint Systems Are ERP Solution Providers

TurningPoint Systems (TPS) specializes in ERP solutions that are customized and tailor-made for specific industries. We work across prominent sectors such as pharmaceutical, tobacco, and convenience store distribution. With 30 years of experience, our organization has enabled various companies across domains to improve sales and accomplish maximum operational efficiency.

Benefits of TurningPoint Systems (TPS)

  • TurningPoint Systems speaks your language by understanding your requirements and challenges and knows best how to solve them.
  • With solutions designed specifically for pharmaceutical and convenience store distribution, we cater to your niche and requirements.
  • Our existing customer base stands testament to the quality of our solutions and services.
  • Our software goes through periodic updates to grow with industry standards, and we ensure these updates are compliant with all regulations.
  • Furthermore, our proactive approach anticipates emerging trends and keeps your ERP systems updated accordingly.
  • We provide easy-to-use solutions that are intuitive and can rapidly learn how your organizations work and function accordingly.
  • Our technical support and customer service are fast and thorough. Moreover, our expertise in the systems can aid you in troubleshooting and solving any sort of issues if they occur.
  • Usually, migration from existing systems to ERPs is a painstaking task that requires lots of time, money, and energy. However, we can set up systems quickly, at low costs, and ensure that the transition is smooth and seamless.
  • Finally, setting up systems will not be a hassle for your business, and we can get it up and running in a limited amount of time without any delays.


You need an ERP solution for your organization for three primary reasons:

  • Improve productivity.
  • Increase sales and turnover.
  • Upgrade workflow and process efficiency.

TurningPoint Systems enables organizations to achieve precisely these goals through various solutions built over our 30 years of experience across industries including pharmaceutical, tobacco, convenience store distribution, food services, and candy and beverage.

Are you wondering how to get started with setting up your own ERP system? You can contact us here. We look forward to having a conversation with you. Let’s get started!