3 Future Predictions of Business Technology from TurningPoint Systems

As the year 2021 neared its end, industry players made predictions of what developments in technology would be the main focus of the upcoming year. Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things were anticipated to be two primary points of focus, and they were. Not uncommon, this shifted during the year and the leading areas of interest changed, as they do every year.

Turning Businesses And Industries Around

For the past 30 years, TurningPoint Systems has been at the forefront of designing and developing technology for optimizing returns and streamlining operations. This includes hardware, software and distribution systems.

The services provided could be divided into two groups. The first would consist of IT consulting and IT-managed services and the second, enterprise management software and productivity products; the latter designed for various sectors and industries including distributors of pharmaceuticals, candy and tobacco, convenience store products and food services.

Providing technology that gives users an edge means having a pulse on current and anticipated market conditions both from the point of view of buyers, and the sellers. Looking ahead, three areas of focus for this year are predicted here:

1)  Digital Transformation and Agile Methodologies

Businesses and industries will be focused on what they can do in these two areas to remain innovative and competitive. Agile methodologies take a mathematical approach that divides big tasks and projects into small steps and goals. This path is selected so as to be able to respond to changes as the need arises. This is opposite to launching projects and staying on the same course even despite change in fundamentals like consumer or manufacturing markets.

Agile methodologies allow for periodic reviews that inform the next step to be taken. For instance, if better software is produced or an old version is updated to give better results, a switch can be made to use it. Similarly, if a competing product is launched in the market, a business or manufacturer can take a new marketing approach like rebranding or new pricing to stay ahead of it.

2) Using Big Data and Analytics to Obtain Business Insights for Building Winning Strategies

The goal here will be using data to make informed decisions that will optimize your operations and profitability. This is to include decisions like the best-performing brands of products to distribute, changing trends in terms of consumer choices and the various factors affecting market and manufacturing trends. Big data and analytics will also give your business a very accurate picture of the best markets to invest in based on demand and potential for growth. 

Making decisions based on data can make it possible for your business to get into the best markets for the specific products or services you’re selling. It can also mean accurate predictions and projections that will see optimal returns and grow by concentrating on areas where demand would be the highest. 

3) Increased Use of Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Technology that supports this will change how your business manages data, applications and infrastructure. The goal is to improve and optimize infrastructure that’s safe from system failures that could interrupt operations, as well as those that would compromise them. These would include attacks through hacks and leaks that would divulge sensitive data like client information and allow unauthorized access to accounts. For some companies, it will be the adoption of cloud computing and virtualization for the first time. For others, it will be improving on current systems. This will be done as a measure to prevent attacks as well as to optimize operations at a lower cost.


TurningPoint Systems is dedicated to helping clients just like you navigate all the twists and turns of your journey through software that can keep your business on top by building and tailoring technology to serve your business from the starting point to the finish line. For instance, for distributors, the team builds customized services that can be used from the initiation stage of receiving orders, checking stock levels, ordering from manufacturers, supplying the order and getting confirmation of the same, through to the endpoint of receiving payment.

No business or industry can afford to be left behind as others embrace and expand technology to get and stay ahead. Contact the team for a demo and have your first virtual or physical meeting to establish what your business might need. Once your systems are set up or upgraded, your business will be well on its way towards optimizing operations and maximizing returns.